“Art is hard”, an interview with Ben Lande

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Benjamin Lande is an Atlanta based illustrator.

He has created artworks for many clients Include: Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Warner Brothers, Orange Amplifiers, Hot Topic, Iron Fist Clothing, Shirts For A Cure, Epitaph Records, Victory Records, Rise Records, Equal Vision Records.

To know more about Ben Lande, check out the interview below.

-Tell me about your creative process?

My creative process can totally vary depending on the project, but I generally start with some sketching and research. With my illustrated work, I pencil, ink and color, similar to a comic book assembly line. Sometimes I jump straight into a project and see where it goes.

-where do you get your inspiration?

Growing up in the 80’s was very inspirational. All the gross toys, cartoons and skateboard designs made a huge impression on me. I’m still pretty obsessed with all that stuff.

-Why is pop culture so important in Art those days?

Pop culture has become our modern mythology in a lot of ways. Thousands of years ago, humans were looking to the stars and making up stories about gods. Now we sit around the water cooler and discuss Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty or whatever. I love referencing pop culture in my art, but also try to create original content. It seems like fans are more interested in straight forward pop culture pieces and the artists that create them. It can be a little discouraging.

-Which of your own artwork are you the most proud of and why?

Working with the Misfits was something I had dreamt about since I was a kid. I lost my mind when the opportunity came up a few years ago to work on some posters for them.

-what kind of art technique would you like to experiment more?

I’ve been playing around with bold graphic design and some totally different illustration lately. I’m going to keep pushing it and see where it goes.

-Is music important in your art process?

For sure. Either making music or making artwork and listening to music takes up the majority of my free time.

-I’ve seen the last posters you have done for Blink 182… Amazing!! How did you get to work with bands like Blink 182?

I’ve been doing artwork for bands for over 10 years and made lots of awesome contacts along the way. I’ve been pretty lucky.

-What’s your perfect soundtrack of a work day/night?

Here are classics and newer songs to get through the day/night:

American Nightmare – We are

Beach Slang – Dirty Cigarettes

Cocteau Twins – Pink Orange Red

Cold Cave – The Great Pan Is Dead

Danny Brown – Downward Spiral

Danzig – Godless

Diiv – Doused

Deafheaven – Violet

Misfits – Horror Hotel

My Bloody Valentine – To Here Knows When

Nothing – Bent Nail

Nirvana – In Bloom

Preoccupations – Anxiety

Ride – Dreams Burn Down

Siouxsie and The Banshees – Playground Twist

Slowdive – Machine Gun

Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonaise

The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

Sonic Youth – Tom Violence

Teenage Fanclub – The Concept

-Given that lots of your illustrations are inspired by zombies, I’m curious… what do you think about about The Walking dead the TV series vs the comics?

I’m actually not a huge fan of either for some reason. I usually prefer the more campy, old George Romero and Lucio Fulci type stuff..

-Do you have rituals / habits when creating an illustration / artwork? For example, when I am working on an illustration, mostly at night, I would drink gallons of Diet Coke and stop drawing for a while when there’s a good song on the radio and dance by myself … Quite ridiculous if someone comes in but I keep my focus that way!! 

Haha, I usually just grab a glass of water, throw on some music or an audiobook and get lost in my work for a few hours.

-Can you talk to us about your next project?

I’ve have a few more gig posters in the works that I can’t talk about quite yet, but will hopefully be able to show soon.

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