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Let’s dance… Have you heard about Franco Dragone? Probably not, so let’s try something else … The Cirque du Soleil? That’s it, I feel that we are finally on the same page, so let meTo Read More

Palace style

palace style! Palace are a much anticipated four piece alternative blues rock band from London about which there’s lots of anticipation and excitement. Palace has released their debut LP So Long Forever (2016). And boy was itTo Read More

Art Rock Café

I want some flamboyant, long hair, leather pants and texts never heard before! And one can find all this, all these ingredients into a single musical trend, adding a bit of madness. The Art RockTo Read More

Comic Book Heroes

Let’s travel with Axel Alonso, Morris and Robert Crumb… Comic books are my thing! Since I’m a little girl, I’m crazy about comics that I devoured for hours. I had the chance to know moreTo Read More

The one artist that loves music…

Gary Baseman is the man who unifies the music and art. Plus this is the perfect artist to illustrate the concept of Music to My Eye! Why? I will explain later. Here’s his story …To Read More

Einstein – Music and creativity

Who has never heard of Albert Einstein? If that person exists on Earth, alright guys, either he has been abducted by aliens for most of his life or for fear of an imminent Apocalypse, thatTo Read More