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May 2017 – Michael Jackson’s best cover art

May 2017 – Michael Jackson’s best cover art 28 May 2015, Michael Jackson’s former home, Neverland Ranch, was listed for sale for one hundred million dollars. The 2,700-acre ranch in Santa Ynez Valley, California included a trainTo Read More

April – What about Elvis Presley?

What about Elvis? 1957, Elvis Presley recorded the Leiber and Stoller song ‘Jailhouse Rock’ as featured in his third motion picture of the same name. In the movie, Mike Stoller had a small role as a pianoTo Read More

March 2017 – Stevie WonderFUL

March 2017 – Stevie WonderFUL 1985, Radio stations in South Africa banned all of Stevie Wonder’s records after he dedicated the Oscar he had won the night before at The Academy Awards to Nelson Mandela.To Read More

January 2017 – Space Related

Vote and leave your comments for the best album cover this month! January 2017 – SPACE RELATED In 2008, end of January, the US space agency Nasa announced that ‘Across the Universe’ by The Beatles wasTo Read More