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Download amazing works of art


375,000 downloadable works of art.

Wonderful news!

The New York Museum authorized this month to download high-definition photos of works of art that belong to the public domain. A total of 375,000 works out of more than a million present at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). What do you think about this initiative?

Then let’s have a Rendez Vous on the site for downloading all these wonders.

And indeed, this practice is common in recent years. Yes, several museums all over the world have begun this process for works that have fallen into the public domain, that is to say, works whose author has died for more than 70 years, or works that the museum owns the copyright. By making all these works available for download, the aim is to increase the visibility of works of art too often little known and to educate on the art people who may not have the opportunity to visit due to lack of time.

One click and you will be able to use these works for a class, for a conference or any other reason without being afraid of a condemnation for pirate use of the rights of the author !! 

So this is the opportunity to share your favorite art crushes!

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