George Lucas and his brand new museum of Narrative Arts

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A new kinda museum

Tonight, in front of my laptop, dressed in a “Jedi” bathrobe , the nerd that I am deep down could not help but tell you about this incredible news announced this morning.

Californian, a legend of cinema, one of the greatest directors and innovator, and above all a big dreamer, George Lucas decided to add another string to his bow. He will finally be able to open his museum of narrative arts, project that remained for many years in the closet.

This morning, the website officially announced the beginning of the project. The building will be a gigantic spaceship and the construction will cost more than a billion dollars, budget almost entirely financed by the great George Lucas. Cool isn’t he ?

The father of the Star Wars saga will install in his museum, in Los Angeles, his personal collection of paintings by great masters such as Renoir, Rockwell and Degas, as well as illustrations, children’s art, digital art and Costumes taken directly from legendary movies. Extraordinary pieces that illustrate the narrative art, that is to say an art that tells a story.

The museum will be a magnificent journey through all forms of art. The manga will be right next to Renoir’s paintings that will also be mixed with Avatar or Star Wars storyboards! A dream for all fans of visual art like me …

Unfortunately the date of inauguration has not yet been announced, it will first have to build the giant of 3 acres!

Just as Lucas has revolutionized the world of cinema, he hopes once again to put aside all the barriers of art and surprise the whole world with a museum of a new kind where art is only art and where there will be no hierarchy. I really fancy his vision of art and I am looking forward to seeing this museum open in a few years, what about you?

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