LAURE PROUVOST – Portrait of a Wanted artist!

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Find a brief portrait of Laure Prouvost, a wanted artist… Lol


Name: Laure Prouvost

Place of birth: Croix, France


Fun facts:


  • Laure Prouvost is an artist who makes complex installations involving video works characterised by layered stories, surreal humour and wordplay. Working within a distinctive filmmaking style, Prouvost explores ideas of truth and fiction and invites her viewer to question what they see.
  • After graduating from Saint Martins film school, she worked as an assistant to the artist John Latham, who she describes as “more like a grandfather than my real grandfather”.
  • She has exhibited at Tate Britain and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.
  • Prouvost’s work combines installation, collage and film.
  • Prouvost won the 2013 Turner Prize winner for an installation named Wantee made in response to the artist Kurt Schwitters. In a tea party setting a film describes a fictional relationship between Prouvost’s grandfather and Schwitters. The work is named in reference to the habit of Schwitters’ partner of asking guests if they “want tea”. The panel described the work as “outstanding for its complex and courageous combination of images and objects in a deeply atmospheric environment”. Prouvost was generally considered a surprise winner.


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