NATE LOWMAN – an eccentric and sweet art

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NATE LOWMAN – an eccentric and sweet art


Name: Nate Lowman

Place of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Fun facts:


  • Nate Lowman is an interdisciplinary American artist known for his wryly humorous take on appropriation and the hierarchy of taste in art.


  • Throughout a wide-ranging and irreverent practice, he uses symbolic images such as bullet holes, smiley faces, pine tree air fresheners, and tombstones to recontextualize art history, notions of violence, celebrity, and his own social life.


  • He has had solo exhibitions at Maccarone gallery in New York, Carlson Gallery in London, and the Hydra Workshop in Greece, among several others. His works are in the collections of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the Moderna Museet in Malmö, among others.



  • Lowman’s paintings and sculptures felt like a story; an explosion of images and loaded moments in time that never quite leave you. Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Brown Simpson, Michelle Obama, California, cars, posters, T&A, movie stars, sex, desire, media, death and commercialism; Americana in all its boldfaced, brightened glory.



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