Palace at the Serraglio club in Milan, 30/03/17

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Palace at the Serraglio club in Milan, 30/03/17

Let’s set the scene, a club in Milan, the Serraglio, 9pm. The doors open and I get into the club, it looks like an old garage, it’s still empty but i am there to attend the concert of Palace, a young British and promising band of alternative blues rock. It’s time to settle down at a table and observe the surroundings, the crowd gradually comes to fill the club completely around 10:30 pm.

The reviews on the Internet only say great things about the Palace, I listened to their music on Spotify and I loved it, some critics even compare them to Kings of Leon, so I am extremely curious!

we are getting ready

The band is from London, and the Palace concluded their European tour with two Italian dates in Milan and Bologna before going back on tour in England for 18 dates. It’s a young promising band  and I want to be in the front row to be able to say one day: “yes I know… when they were not super stars yet, I had seen them in a small club in Milan!” 🙂

I go see what kind of merchandising they have and i meet someone from their staff, a very nice guy who takes care of setting up the T shirts, CDs and other goodies to sell them after the show. All the staff is very easy going and it is so comforting to finally see people who still have their feet on the ground. Although it is one of the trendy bands right now ranked 19th of the Spotify viral list with their title “Have faith”, I find that the venue is not getting full very easily, which is odd, but patience… it is not even 10pm.

opening act…

The opening act starts with a band from Milan the “Younger and Better”, who offers us a wonderful introduction to the Palace with an electronic and art rock sound. Indeed, after a slightly “dead” start as they said themselves about the audience, the crowd gently warmed up and finally got into the atmosphere of the concert.

Curiously enough, during the opening act, the members of Palace left the backstage to sip a beer before climbing on stage … to gauge the competition or only to relax? 🙂

The drums of the Palace is waiting for its owner on stage,  and it shows the artwork of their album “So long forever” so it reminds us a bit of their poetic world.

Interlude in Milan, before the Palace came on stage, the singer from the band Island Rollo Doherty, who usually takes care of the opening act, interprets one of his songs and it is a moment of pure bliss. His voice really touched me. After a brief encounter with Rollo Doherty, he’s also a pretty funny guy, and I realize that both bands are very close.

and finally the palace!

And it is finally the moment of Palace. Kindly, they try to seduce the public speaking Italian and it works! 🙂

The music began and from the first hit “I want what you got”, I quickly understand why critics of the music business are praising this young band.  The musicians Rupert Turner, Will Dorey and Matt Hodges are very good and technically perfect, and the charismatic singer Leo Wyndham has a beautiful voice that is even better Live than when i listen to him on Spotify, which is rare nowadays.

The languid rhythm of the songs and the lyrics close to poetry immediately take us into their world. The voice of the leader of the band and his technique leave me speechless and I have this weird feeling of having a young Matthew Bellamy on stage, in front of me …

For their first time in Italy, they prepared something very special.

Without the crowd going crazy and pogo dancing, all the people in the audience began a common choreography by nodding their head for more than an hour and letting themselves be carried away by the music. And it’s easy to get carried away by the music of the Palace, they put so much passion in it that you cannot avoid it!

“Bitter” concluded the concert, a song that could easily land on the airwaves and have  great success. Their control on stage is also undeniable, anyways don’t miss them if they are coming to your hometown.

And at the end of the concert, they do not hesitate to confront themselves to their fans and exchange two words with everyone, with kindness and education! Hat down to the British lads! 🙂

And a big thank you to Vivo Concerti for the invite.


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