Patti Smith- concert at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona

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Patti Smith- concert at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona

Rangers on her feet, long white hair, herbal tea in her hand, with great calm, the singer comes on stage under the acclamations and the thunderous applause of the public to begin the concert. Accompanied by his son on the guitar and two other musicians, the notes of his song “Wing” open the dance.

The Ponchielli Theater in Cremona is fully packed, waiting for the high priestess of the seventies. Her smile and apparent timidity illuminate the subdued atmosphere of the spectacle just begun.

She warmly thanks Italy for welcoming her and the 7 acoustic dates that she has reserved for us prove it well. The tour “Grateful”, a tribute to the Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia mixes fragility and strength. In spite of her white hair and her rather average guitar playing, she says it herself “I’m a terrible guitar player but that does not stop me”, her voice has not taken a wrinkle, her voice is just perfect.

The spirit of Jerry Garcia…

The spirit of Jerry Garcia appeared at the beginning of the concert when the bass fell on its own. A kind of blessing from the old guitarist, well that’s what we hoped! 🙂

The beauty of her voice and the emotion she succeeds in putting into each word takes us into her poetic world. She is authentic even when she completely forgets the words of one of her new songs and that she puts forward her three musicians on stage. A way to showcase them and present them well before the due time.

Patti sings the first songs in trance, her eyes closed, with an incredible calm, and then from time to time her hoarse, mischievous voice returns to fill the highest notes just like a ghost of her youth. She keep on giving amazing tributes to great artists like Prince “The doves are crying”, Bob Dylan whom she idolized as a teenager “A hard rain A-gonna fall” or Elvis Presley “Can not help falling in Love”. An array of musical legends that have influenced her 50-year career now.

Then the concert takes a whole different turn. She starts the notes of her greatest hits such as  “Because the night” music by Bruce Springsteen, “People have the power”, or “Gloria”, the woman with charisma and calm gets into a real beast on stage, the audience get up from their Red velvet seats to dance in front of the stage of the theater. A kind of improvised rock concert. Patti seems pleased and inflames the crowd. Her energy is overflowing, and her crystalline voice invades the Ponchielli.

Her performance surprised me and I did not expect such a show. But a true legend like Patti Smith never loses her talent and that’s why decades later, she is still widely appreciated!

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