Rock Poster Art: Hear with your eyes

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The exhibition “Rock Poster Art: Hear with your eyes” is currently from 11 November to 11 December 2016 in Bologna. The exhibition unveils serigraphies in limited edition from the personal collection of Stefano Marzorati. The exhibition is composed of 39 pieces, including posters by Obey, Stainboy and Ken Taylor, which you can see at the Ono Gallery in Bologna.

Posters are often more representative pieces of our modern culture and allow music to influence art and vice versa. The art of poster was born in the 60’s in the United States to promote concerts. Little by little, the concept developed. The art of poster then extended from the United States to Europe without exception and the collectors became more and more numerous. Indeed, the posters are pure craft products, rigorously distributed in limited series, signed and numbered by the artist, and it is for this reason that these rock posters have become real pieces of collection.

They are “objects” that combine artistic expression with the purely commercial and promotional aspect of the concert or the event. We can also define them as a convey for a social message or simply provocation. Art remains one of the best ways with music to convey a message, so when the two meet, you can see some sparks. These pieces of art represent a vast territory where artists / designers can express themselves without borders, and where their artistic influences are reflected in their work. Do not hesitate to take a look at the exhibition, there are still a few weeks to go … For my part, I will not miss it for nothing in the world.

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