Small talk with… Argadol

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Small talk with Argadol. A french artist with an overflowing creativity.

Neo-POP universe, between Urban Art and Street Art, inspired by pop culture, history, or icons from Rock music…

Artworks to be read on different levels, messages about racism, death, environment, sex, money, power and love under all shapes and forms, the only thing that makes the human being alive and different. This is what Argadol tries to convey!

Find out about him…

1. Where does the name Argadol come from?

It’s rather unimportant, it has no special meaning and I prefer to keep the mystery! lol … but it’s a name that sounds like the name of a hero from my childhood ..

2. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Born in 1975 (wouahhh already lol), I am an “urban” artist that is to say grand son of Pop-Art, inspired by street art! I have been a pro artist for more than 10 years, and I have been working on the street for a few years now. I am more of a portrait painter but I like to tell stories and give a second degree reading  in my works with messages on society, human being, money, death, environmnent … and especially Love!

3. What is your artistic process? What techniques do you use more often?

I use all kinds of techniques, I like to experiment … today i work on canvas, I realize my backgrounds with collages to give some relief to the artworks, then i also use stencils that I make … it allows me to create a vibrant background, loaded but united in terms of shades nuances.

Then I realize my main subject, a portrait often, in a very traditional way, brush and acrylic paint.

Then come the details all around to tell the story and give the messages, I like to load my works with lots of symbols, sentences … I like to play with typography! (It comes from my initial training an eternity ago: Advertising Graphic Designer)
I finish the artwork with this black edge, which has a special meaning for me, that the man is an animal with low instincts, a dark character who fights against his instincts all of his life …

But I like more and more working on paper, ink, watercolor, techniques that allow to work quickly, that’s what I use when I have to prepare a collage for the street for example, but also to produce works at more accessible rates.

4. Your works are inspired by pop culture, what do you think of the modern pop culture of 2018? Does it still inspire you that much?

Everything is recycled …  pop culture in recent years went back to the Superheroes for example … a theme that I love. But it is true that musically speaking, my influences are rather ROCK and my icons are aging or missing ….

I listen to what comes out, I’m curious about everything, I read lots of “graphic novels” as they say,  often poetic comics, which make me reflect. That’s what inspires me!

5. What are the themes that are most important to you?

LOVE … in all its forms,  the one thing that makes it possible to accomplish insane things as much as the one that destroys … a Universal Theme.

Music and ROCK in mind … I came to painting through music, I’m a bad musician … so I ended up finding my way of expression with brushes …. but the music of “the devil” continues to make me vibrate!

The messages that always come back in my works are messages related to dreams, to believe in them, to fight for what we love, to freedom, to not pay attention to what others think … to freedom!

6. Which artists inspired you to do this job?

In the “classical” painters, those of the History of Art, lol, for their work or for their personality, people like Warhol, Basquiat, Keith Haring of course … but also Picasso or even Jackson Pollock ….

And of course lots of urban artists, from Sheppard Do’s to Speedy Graphito, Jeff Aerosol, etc.

7. What do you think of the recent evolution of street art? Berlin has recently opened a museum dedicated to this discipline … do you think this popularity will be positive for street art?

I am not one of these people who think that the Art of the street must stay there and conversely … I think this recognition for the work done by some street artists for decades is normal and well deserved! And I think that Street Art today is a beautiful reflection of the diversity of the art galleries … finally one feeds the other …

For my part, I do not go out on the street to seek visibility or to be chosen by a gallery … that’s the perverse side of the moment …. it must remain a sincere step, citizen step, serving people … I just want to put art where it should have its place … and where we never find it … It’s a real drug, I do not do it with a hidden face or by night … no! I always make my artwork during the day, I like the exchange with the passers-by, it is always very rewarding!

8. Do you have some techniques that you would like to explore in your works?

I’m always exploring and still … I’m always trying a lot of things, academic techniques can bring something to street art, pastels, charcoal, watercolor … coffee, mercurochrome, etc … lol


9. Do you have rituals when you create an artwork? For example, I work with music and diet coke when I start an illustration …

YES ! As I said above, I have 2 hard drugs (lol) coffee and music!

From 33t to digital music in headphones, it does not matter, but music, rock, are always very strong and all day long … The choice really depends on the mood of the day and influences the creation! (and loneliness, no creation is done without solitude said Pablo Picasso, a point of view that I share)

10. What are your plans for 2019?

I just realized a very big project, which monopolized a lot of energy and work of preparation, the realization of a fresco of 25m long by 8m high … A big challenge …. I hope to be able to repeat a similar experience in 2019! Notice to the amateurs! 😉

Current and future Expos, but no locked projects for the moment, a big Paris Expo on Marylin Monroe probably Next summer… to be continued! 😉


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