Talk with Justin Nozuka

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Talk with Justin Nozuka…

Before his concert in Milan Saturday May 5th, I had a little talk with Justin Nozuka. He shared his view on today’s music business  and his latest release.

Come and check him out at the Ohibo in Milan this Saturday. Great evening guaranteed…


I remember listening to you 10 years ago while I was still living in France, and being very impressed about the maturity of your music. With your new EP, what do you think is the major difference with your first album?

I think in relation to my first album, the new releases are generally gentler. On this specific release, there’s more of a folk influence for sure.


I understand you’ve been touring quite a lot, is there a place you’ve never been to and that you would like to visit / tour for the crowd, culture, etc…

I’m looking forward to being in some Scandinavian countries for the first time on this tour as well as Italy. Never been to these countries and have heard only great things.


What’s your favorite song so far in 2018? What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time?

I listened for the first time to Jack White’s new release today. I dig it. I like the tune “Corporation” from this project.


I’ve seen on You tube a video where you participated a few years ago in Canada to an event organized by the Juno Awards, and the Canadian Academy of Arts, does visual art inspire you to write songs? Do you paint or draw as a hobby?

I don’t think I’ve ever been inspired to write a song from a painting. I do however like to doodle with the pencil and would definitely like to delve into painting at some point. I appreciate the form of art and hope to fall deeper into it.


What’s your creative process? Do you have any rituals you need to follow in order to write a song?

A lot of my songs get done by showing up to do the work. If I don’t actively pursue it, it usually won’t come to be. So showing up/reaching out is the first thing and then listening/feeling/observing/being sensitive is the second I’d say- there’s more to it than that but those are important aspects in my opinion.


Talk us through the 3 phases of your last EP.

We’ve released part 1 and 2 of a 3 part release. The first was light and easy, second was a bit of a darker tone and the third is currently a mystery. 😊


In a society where everything needs to happen very quickly, it looks like you are taking your time, and your music is very relaxing. What do you think about the fast paced music industry these days?

I don’t have too much of an opinion on the fast paced approach. I’m glad to be making the music I do. I hope it does create some space and comfort for people.


What would you like to experiment in a next album?

I’m looking forward to working on it. I think I will be embracing more of my roots and trying to find a nice balance between genres which have influenced me.


By Rachel Coltz- Music to my Eye

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