Thank you Mr. Williams for this movie called Hidden Figures!

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hidden figures pharrell williams

Thank you Mr. Williams! Thank you for this wonderful movie called “Hidden Figures” that made me tear up from the beginning until the very end.

What an insightful story, the story of 3 talented and courageous women who earned their rights working hard. This movie gives a valuable life lesson to our children, who those days believe that being successful is equal to being famous and in the eye of the camera. A reality that those days forgets to teach about hard work and real values.

I am not an afro American woman, I am a half jewish half catholic French white girl who only got a glimpse of the difficulties those women had in the 60’s.

I was very often told that life is not a fairy tale and that I was too much of a dreamer. And then when I would realize how deceiving life really is, I would be crushed… I’ve always dreamt and went on doing what makes me happy as a hobby, drawing my heart out, believing that with hard work, my art will make it through one day. And I’ll keep on doing this until I’ll be “the first one”.

In fact, the part of the movie that really got me is the speech of Janelle Monae’s character at the court, to attend extension courses at an all-white high school in order to become an engineer.  Nowadays, we can’t really complain compared to what they had to endure, but as a woman, I can still relate to being “the first one” because our society still tries to put everyone of us in a box. Women still do not have the same possibilities as men. And are often seen or considered as “monsters” if they do not have children or if they have opinions of their own.

Some people still think we are not all worth the same…

What upsets me the most is that 50 years after the events of this movie, just a few months ago in Virginia, the Charlottesville drama made us reflect on the fact that some people still think we are not all worth the same. Being in Washington DC when it happened, I really felt the racial tension, and I really don’t understand it. I don’t understand all that hate towards who’s different, because at the end we are all different, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Christian or Muslim… I know it’s very corny and naïve but it’s true.

Everyone of us has a different story, a different background and that’s what makes this world a beauty, to learn and understand from one another.

So let’s not forget, and let’s seize every opportunity when we have the chance, and with hard work, sacrifice and courage, we will make it work.

Thank you for the inspiration Mr. Williams and to all the producers / director / writers who contributed to this movie. Because movies like these are rare gems nowadays.

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