The romantic gesture of Jeff Koons to Paris

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Koons- bouquet
The romantic gesture of Jeff Koon to the city of Paris

On November 22, 2016, Jeff Koons announced that he wanted to offer the city of Paris a giant bouquet of tulips to commemorate the numerous victims of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Paris in recent years.

In the very special style of Koons, the monument will be placed outside the Palais of Tokyo, a symbol of today’s artists.

The city of Paris has always wanted to stand out from other European capitals by often installing contemporary and artsy monuments often criticized! Do you remember the uproar caused by the Pyramid of the Louvre or the Pompidou Museum back in the days? And here we come again! Lol!

What’s the reaction?

The arrival of a 10 meters giant hand accompanied by colored tulips in the heart of Paris is far from being unanimous …

Especially since this huge hand supposed to symbolize peace, friendship and support between two peoples has been defined by the newspaper Le Monde as “a poisoned gift”, since the artist Koons donated the design but the installation will cost 3 million euros to the city if private funds are not found on time.

This gesture of friendship reminds us how the two countries, USA and France, are currently in the spotlight of the world at a political standpoint and how they ought to support themselves in order to hope winning over the infamous terrorism.

So this monument, according to you, will bring something more to the city of Paris or to the artist himself?

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