Illustrations and 90’s nostalgia…

  • Their music is as smooth as Silk Sonic
    Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak announce a new Album as Silk Sonic. What an exciting news! In an exclusive new joint project, longtime friends duo has made a whole surprise album together. The first single called “Leave the Door Open”, came out on March 5 and has oldie funk and soulTo Read More
  • The ultrasound project
    So what is exactly the Ultrasound Project? During the lock down, we all had a lot of free time. Netflix and Amazon Prime exploded, and people confined to their homes binge watched lots of series until dawn. I was one of those people and I watched the miniseries “Modern Love”To Read More
  • Painting exhibition in Soncino (CR)
    The exhibition took place in Soncino in the province of Cremona. The aim was to represent the town of Soncino. However, instead of a painting of the famous castle or the other monuments of the small town, I chose to make a more modern illustration by drawing a simplified mapTo Read More
  • Tapirulan 2018
    The Tapirulan association of Cremona organizes a themed illustration competition every year. 2018 was to represent Chaos. 2020 had not arrived yet … For this theme, I chose two angles, one in cartoon style depicting the stress and chaos of a modern family. The technique used was a mix ofTo Read More
  • Exhibition of Renaud: “une putain d’expo”
    In November 2020, after a “shitty” good year, I made radical decisions for my future, both professionally and personally. The first event of this change was the Renaud exhibition organized by France Inter. This first artistic challenge with a deadline on January 7, 2021 was to represent the french singerTo Read More
  • Inktober 2020
    After Inktober 2019, which led me to create my first children’s book, for this last edition I wanted to respect the rules a little more and quickly draw a picture every evening. The principle of Inktober if you don’t know it on Instagram is to draw (usually in black andTo Read More
  • A Halloween story
    Sum up: For this assignment, we offer you a three-part exercise:• You will first brainstorm on the word “Witch”. Next, you will tell a small original story, 5 to 10 lines maximum, using some of the themes that arose during your brainstorming. In the “paradise” of witches and other magicalTo Read More
  • Four seasons
    Sum Up: Illustration is obviously a drawing, but it is also color. In this exercise, we suggest you practice creating four colorful pictures illustrating the four seasons. Each picture will be made in a square format of 15 x 15 cm. It must contain an illustration representing an element characteristicTo Read More
  • My favorite comic
    Sum up: Our childhood was cradled by many comic book heroes. As part of this assignment, we suggest that you present us your favorite comic book character (or the first character that comes to mind). For this, you will: • Carry out a search (on the Internet or in variousTo Read More
  • Simplified animals
    Sum up: In illustration, it is often necessary to simplify the shapes in order to make them more understandable and more aesthetic. This is what we are proposing to you as part of this assignment, which will lead you to represent some Asian animals using very simple lines or shapes.To Read More
  • The cursed dragon
    It all started at Inktober 2019. By drawing the first sketches about a little astronaut, I decided to take on the challenge by connecting each drawing together with a story. Nebo the astronaut was born. My first children’s story too. It was a great challenge, so much fun that ITo Read More
  • KC Chiefs offensive threats
    Sports is well known to unleash the passion. While i was studying at the University of Missouri Kansas City, i learnt how to appreciate US football and i became a big fan of the KC Chiefs, the local team. Here are a few illustrations of the Chiefs offensive players.
  • Rebus greeting cards for Valentine’s day
    Receiving a card for a special day or at Christmas can transform the day, make it more cheerful.Knowing that at least one person is thinking of you is always heartwarming. Well, let’s put the greeting card back in fashion, pick up your pen and think of a sweet, smart orTo Read More
  • Solidarity Project – Lean on me
    How do you end a year like 2020? Hard to say… So why not try to find some of the Christmas magic in the few days left of this horrible year? So let’s talk about my Solidarity Project! With the lockdown, the inability to travel, the ban on spending ChristmasTo Read More
  • The art of disappearing
    No, I am neither a magician nor an illusionist. But I have disappeared. Creativity is the most valuable thing for me in this world. Art and Writing allow me to move forward and set a goal. I often say to my father, who remains for the most part dubious, thatTo Read More
  • Kickstarter, here i come…
    Help me and support my project on Kickstarter. I would like to organize my first art exhibition making it original and interactive!!
  • Tapirulan 2018 – Theme Chaos
    Contest with the association Tapirulan 2018 – Theme: CHAOS For some people it represents the origin of everything, for others it is the general state of our office, for other people it is a mathematical and physical theory which can only be understood by people with a high IQ orTo Read More
  • Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert
    Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert   When I got in Assago around 7.30 pm after work, the venue seemed surprisingly empty. The parterre at this time of the day should have been largely filled up at least to 6 or 7 ranks but it was not. A littleTo Read More
  • Crash between Beyonce and Scrat, or the new adventures of MTME
    Crash between Beyonce and Scrat, or the new adventures of MTME After the disappointment of having missed Beyonce show in 2016 in San Siro, this year everything has strangely started to perfection! Ticket taken on time, so let’s attend on July 6th the concert of one the most powerful andTo Read More
  • Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan
    Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan Harry Styles concert – Assago April 2nd 2018 A little funny story before even entering the venue, the Assago forum! I am litterally called “old lady” by a street peddler on the parking lot. It is true that the target of a Harry StylesTo Read More