About me


My name is Rachel Coltz, the girl with a million faces, Artist and Entrepreneur, passionate about Music… Here’s my journey in a few songs:

“Her life’s a song” – Alan Jackson

Always influenced by music, my mom and dad called me the “Human Jukebox” since an early age because i could not stop singing! Careful to your ears…


“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – Kelly Clarkson

Being epileptic since I was born, I always believed in being my own individual and fighting for the things that are worth fighting for. 

This is exactly what I’ve always tried to do in my life, making many mistakes. But as it is often said, “Do not be scared of falling, but make sure you have enough strength to lift you up.”

kelly clarkson

“A young gipsy” – Joan Baez

I had incredible experiences abroad when i was younger, studying business in the USA for a few years and later working in South America.

I am French but i always felt the soul of a globetrotter because i enjoy discovering other worlds and cultures. Now my journey brought me in Italy, where i met the man that completes me.


“The promised land” – Bruce Springsteen

The promised land is in my case the USA. This country has played a big role in the woman I have become. Having lived over there almost four years, despite the great contradictions of this beautiful country, it gave me the strength to believe in myself and pursue my dreams no matter what.

Being fully committed to continue is already an essential first step, and the road will slowly come up. The US has given me the confidence to throw me into that project and understand that with hard work, anything is possible.


“Boulevard of broken dreams” – Green Day

I always wanted to exercise a creative profession, and to flourish in a job that excites me. Unfortunately, life does not always give satisfaction, and disappointment is never far away.

My choice was made, not related to my personal taste but by the desire not to disappoint my family who had invested in my future. At this time of my life, not being involved in a creative career seemed to be the best choice.

I have changed my mind and I will stay focused on my goal, this site is a “living” proof.

green day2mod

“You’re gonna miss this” – Trace Adkins

Being exiled for many years away from my family, I do not have the chance to enjoy them every day.

When I had to deal with the illness of a loved one, I suddenly realized that life is short and I should be strong, to somehow “set an example”.
This is one reason why I started to dedicate myself to this project, to show that you should never lose hope.


“I wanna be a Warhol” – Alkaline Trio

I always drew in my life and i can show that on my many notebooks filled with doodles, however, I started thinking of it as a real business 15 years ago.

The idea of this website “Music to my eye” came to me 1 year ago listening to the CD “The Original High” by Adam Lambert, that for any reason whatsoever, inspired me. So I decided to take my chance and chase my dreams.

To do this, I spent months making illustrations of each song of the album to create a mini book and be able to give it to the artist during one of his concerts in Milan. Mission accomplished in May 2016. The project was well and truly born.


The Project:

I have two passions in life: Art and Music.

That’s why i wanted to develop the project “Music to my eye”, the concept being: creating for each and every song a customized drawing.

Music to my Eye is the perfect match to offer an original gift to your loved ones or for yourself.

Everybody, listening to music, recalls a special memory, an emotion, a thrill. Music is filled with emotions and I want to be a part of that journey with my clients, sharing my passion of art and music with them.

The creative process for me is very emotional. Most of my works are inspired by the music I listen to. The beat, the lyrics, the melody, the emotions I feel from the music I am listening to while I am creating. For me, creating is like being on a roller coaster; ups and downs, twists and turns, in a constant movement. Drawing for me is allowing my emotions to spill out onto a sheet of paper as an incredible release.

Please contact me if you want a customized drawing (with in option a framed version), i’ll be glad to give you all the requested information. Prints of songs already on this website are also available.