Acoustic Nights with Jack Savoretti

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Acoustic Nights with Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti

An elegant and magical setting in Cremona, the Ponchielli theater, a central balcony, I am ready to spend an excellent evening with British singer Jack Savoretti. And what an evening!

The first part perfectly combines classical with modernity with a pianist who likes to revisit Led Zeppelin.

And here comes Jack on stage, who explains in an almost perfect Italian the concept of the evening, the concept of “Acoustic Nights”. He tells his story with an amazing sincerity and the guy is full of humility. From the first notes, his voice makes the Ponchielli theater vibrate, a flawless voice that goes from low notes to high ones without any effort.

Its sincerity and charm conquers the crowd from the very beginning of the concert and creates a very special acoustic atmosphere.

In a perfect acoustics, he is spitting songs with endless emotions.


“Legends are stories begging for truth”: I find that this sentence from one of his songs pretty much describes Jack in his art.

The osmosis between his powerful voice and an almost embarrassing intimacy makes this performance an illusion, a tour de force, something somehow magic. The artist interacts a lot with his audience, perhaps even a little too much, so much that some take liberties during his songs and interludes.

At the end of each song, there is a thunderous applause that seems to surprise him everytime. The tour will undoubtedly be a success. Raised in an Italian-English family, he managed to offer a perfect mix of both cultures, singing a cover of Elvis Presley on a microphone where you can see a scarf in the colors of the soccer team Genoa!

If I really have to find something negative I could mention the rhythms a bit monotonous and slow, although his voice reaches all its power on more jazzy sounds!

It’s almost 10 pm and there is still no musician on stage what I find quite bizarre, but the first to enter a few minutes later is the pianist, introduced by Jack, who then puts himself in the shadow of the scene, to let his companion shine alone. The musicians arrive gradually on stage, which gives them a deserved place in the show.


The British singer is a virtuoso, a raw talent! Accompanied only by his musicians and abandoning his guitar, Savoretti seems a little less comfortable, just like when you dream you are naked in front of a large audience!

How to define him? He has a unique genre, which combines texts inspired by personal experiences and an extreme passion. His music and the character inspires me a lot. My goal: to become like him, a smart mixture of humility and talent.

And unfortunately, he announces the last song, it’s almost the end, and like the ticking of my neighbor’s watch, Jack resonates in our hearts and minds!

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