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Art, a breath of fresh air in nursing homes

Dance, music, theater, visual arts… There are more and more initiatives to offer the elderly moments of escape and magic. Isolation of the elderly is a subject dear to my heart, our grandfathers and grandmothers are our memory and our wisdom. Without them, our society would not be the same.To Read More


Should You Do Traditional Art Or Digital Art?

People starting a passion for art often ask the question: should I do traditional art or digital art? Some also ask, is traditional art better than digital art and vice versa. For that reason, I wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. So what’s the difference between traditional andTo Read More

Une oeuvre à la maison, or how to desacralize art.

A brilliant idea, and I’m jealous that I didn’t think about it, but the painter Olivier Masmonteil beat me! 😊 Olivier Masmonteil, for a year, “has been looking for ideas to bring the work of artists to life and share around art” – through videos and “artist boxes” – andTo Read More


A new street art wall for Cremona

I am thrilled! Finally, I have the opportunity to participate in an art project in Cremona and develop bonds with other artistic people. Yay !!!!!!!! The Municipality of Cremona, the Chamber of Commerce, CremonaFiere s.p.A., UN SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) Action Campaign, the “Andrea Pazienza” Comic Center, theTo Read More

music brain

Music effect on Brain

Music is a fundamental attribute of the human species. Virtually all cultures, from the most primitive to the most advanced, make music. In tune or not, we humans sing and hum; in time or not, we clap and sway; we dance and bounce… The human brain and nervous system areTo Read More

Solidarity Project – Lean on me

How do you end a year like 2020? Hard to say… So why not try to find some of the Christmas magic in the few days left of this horrible year? So let’s talk about my Solidarity Project! With the lockdown, the inability to travel, the ban on spending ChristmasTo Read More


The art of disappearing

No, I am neither a magician nor an illusionist. But I have disappeared. Creativity is the most valuable thing for me in this world. Art and Writing allow me to move forward and set a goal. I often say to my father, who remains for the most part dubious, thatTo Read More

Kickstarter, here i come…

Help me and support my project on Kickstarter. I would like to organize my first art exhibition making it original and interactive!!

Tapirulan 2018 – Theme Chaos

Contest with the association Tapirulan 2018 – Theme: CHAOS For some people it represents the origin of everything, for others it is the general state of our office, for other people it is a mathematical and physical theory which can only be understood by people with a high IQ orTo Read More

Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert

Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert   When I got in Assago around 7.30 pm after work, the venue seemed surprisingly empty. The parterre at this time of the day should have been largely filled up at least to 6 or 7 ranks but it was not. A littleTo Read More

Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan

Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan Harry Styles concert – Assago April 2nd 2018 A little funny story before even entering the venue, the Assago forum! I am litterally called “old lady” by a street peddler on the parking lot. It is true that the target of a Harry StylesTo Read More

Justin Nozuka shows his skills in Milan

Justin Nozuka shows his skills in Milan   Last Saturday, after 9 pm, at the Arci Ohibo in Milan took place the concert of Justin Nozuka and Damien McFly. Justin Nozuka is an artist I have always appreciated and who seems to lead his way and make his art inTo Read More

Acoustic Nights with Jack Savoretti

Acoustic Nights with Jack Savoretti An elegant and magical setting in Cremona, the Ponchielli theater, a central balcony, I am ready to spend an excellent evening with British singer Jack Savoretti. And what an evening! The first part perfectly combines classical with modernity with a pianist who likes to revisitTo Read More

Highly Suspect lost in an empty Alcatraz

Highly Suspect lost in an empty Alcatraz One month to write an article about a concert, it had never occurred to me! And to tell you the truth, this concert was a bit confusing. I’m in front of a band nominated three times at the Grammy Awards, performing Coachella thisTo Read More

Colter Wall, a cowboy in Milan

Colter Wall, a cowboy in Milan For an artist like Colter Wall, the Legend Club in Milan gets busy with loads of fans of all ages that have come to listen to one of the most interesting new voices of the country / folk scene of recent years. For aTo Read More

Top Albums of 2017

  Top Albums of 2017 And here we are already in 2018. I know everybody says the same thing over and over but it is crazy how time goes by when you are passionate about what you are doing!  2017 has been a year full of challenges and it is theTo Read More

johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday is gone but the icon remains…

Johnny Hallyday is gone but the icon remains… With a dazzling career start in the late ’50s, Johnny Hallyday never lost a fan along the way. In 60 years of career and nearly 110 million albums sold, he has rallied generations and generations to a cause he loved so much:To Read More

JP Cooper

JP Cooper should have been raised under sunny skies…

JP Cooper should have been raised under sunny skies…   Dude Club, Milan or better, Milan suburbs. From the outside nothing exceptional, but the inside of the club is indeed much more interesting, especially for a concert venue. It’s modern and intimate, and the sound is super well handled forTo Read More