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Bryson Tiller and his “elegant” rap

Bryson Tiller and his “elegant” rap On the occasion of Bryson Tiller‘s sophomore album release, the artist passed by Milan, the only Italian date of the “Set it off” tour. The opening act is IAMDDB, a bubbly singer full of energy from Manchester with a voice to die for. HerTo Read More

October 2017, Save the date, the Nobel Prize is coming!

The Nobel Prize, an international scope of reward given for the first time in 1901, is awarded each year to individuals “who have made the greatest benefit on mankind” in their inventions, discoveries and improvements in different areas of knowledge the more impressive by the literary work, or their workTo Read More

Patti Smith- concert at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona

Patti Smith- concert at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona Rangers on her feet, long white hair, herbal tea in her hand, with great calm, the singer comes on stage under the acclamations and the thunderous applause of the public to begin the concert. Accompanied by his son on the guitarTo Read More

Street art and Music – A sustainable collaboration

Street art and music – Is their collaboration the stigma of a rebellious society?   Graffiti, slam, hip hop and break dance. This is what animated most of my childhood in the 80s. No I was not born in the “hood”, but rather in the countryside in the South ofTo Read More

You listen to art? Let’s talk about music in museums…

You listen to art? Let’s talk about music in museums… It’s a raging debate, there’s no doubt about it. Should we, or should we not put music in museums? It seems like a Shakespearean dilemma and after many researches on the internet, I have seen that this issue stirs quiteTo Read More

Become a rockstar with the new game Rockopolis

Become a rockstar with the new game Rockopolis! Today I present you with something unusual but definitely “in the ropes” Music to my Eye #MTME: today I present a game! Saturday and Sunday I went to Play 2017 in Modena. An important event that has reached the 9th edition withTo Read More

Palace at the Serraglio club in Milan, 30/03/17

Palace at the Serraglio club in Milan, 30/03/17 Let’s set the scene, a club in Milan, the Serraglio, 9pm. The doors open and I get into the club, it looks like an old garage, it’s still empty but i am there to attend the concert of Palace, a young British and promisingTo Read More


Ed Sheeran Concert in Turin for the Divide World Tour

Ed Sheeran Concert in Turin for the Divide World Tour  March 16th 2017, before the World tour of Ed Sheeran for the release of his last album “Divide”: released on March 3rd and already breaking all charts records. 8:30 pm, punctual like a Swiss clock, the artist with bright red hair andTo Read More


Let’s dance… Have you heard about Franco Dragone? Probably not, so let’s try something else … The Cirque du Soleil? That’s it, I feel that we are finally on the same page, so let me introduce you its creator: Franco Dragone! Few men can boast of having gathered more thanTo Read More

Art Rock Café

I want some flamboyant, long hair, leather pants and texts never heard before! And one can find all this, all these ingredients into a single musical trend, adding a bit of madness. The Art Rock was born in the late 60 and its main actors are major artists. The groupsTo Read More

Comic Book Heroes

Let’s travel with Axel Alonso, Morris and Robert Crumb… Comic books are my thing! Since I’m a little girl, I’m crazy about comics that I devoured for hours. I had the chance to know more in depth two great cultures of the comics, first the original “comics” American style suchTo Read More

The one artist that loves music…

Gary Baseman is the man who unifies the music and art. Plus this is the perfect artist to illustrate the concept of Music to My Eye! Why? I will explain later. Here’s his story … Gary Baseman is known primarily to be the precursor of the underground art movement inTo Read More

Einstein – Music and creativity

Who has never heard of Albert Einstein? If that person exists on Earth, alright guys, either he has been abducted by aliens for most of his life or for fear of an imminent Apocalypse, that person remained in a bunker without having any contact with the civilized world since hisTo Read More