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Painting exhibition in Soncino (CR)

The exhibition took place in Soncino in the province of Cremona. The aim was to represent the town of Soncino. However, instead of a painting of the famous castle or the other monuments of the small town, I chose to make a more modern illustration by drawing a simplified mapTo Read More

Tapirulan 2018

The Tapirulan association of Cremona organizes a themed illustration competition every year. 2018 was to represent Chaos. 2020 had not arrived yet … For this theme, I chose two angles, one in cartoon style depicting the stress and chaos of a modern family. The technique used was a mix ofTo Read More

Exhibition of Renaud: “une putain d’expo”

In November 2020, after a “shitty” good year, I made radical decisions for my future, both professionally and personally. The first event of this change was the Renaud exhibition organized by France Inter. This first artistic challenge with a deadline on January 7, 2021 was to represent the french singerTo Read More

Inktober 2020

After Inktober 2019, which led me to create my first children’s book, for this last edition I wanted to respect the rules a little more and quickly draw a picture every evening. The principle of Inktober if you don’t know it on Instagram is to draw (usually in black andTo Read More