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the miniature worlds

The miniature worlds

For this, we suggest that you take a photograph of a detail in your immediate environment (for example, a bowl and some breakfast accessories on your kitchen table, a flower pot placed on a balcony, etc.), then then insert one or more small illustrations on the theme “Miniature worlds”.


For this job, you will first select three illustrators whose styles you like, from different eras (for example, you could choose a contemporary designer, one from the mid-20th century and another from the 19th century). These illustrators may or may not be taken from our Illustration History course. Once thisTo Read More


Press Article illustration

This exercise fascinated me! I had to illustrate an article with two different styles, a humorous political style in black and white and a more poetic style in color. The article was about the Cherokee tribal chief’s request to the Jeep Company to change the name of their SUVs. ITo Read More

Analytical drawing

Analytical drawing: We will have to be patient and precise.I chose an object and then represented it carefully. This is why I chose a glass object representing a small bird. This object comes from the Plaza Fair art show in Kansas City, a city dear to my heart.


Illustration of a nursery rhyme

I had to illustrate the following nursery rhyme: Coccinelle, demoiselleBête à Bon DieuCoccinelle, demoiselleVole jusqu’aux cieuxPetit point rougeElle bougePetit point blancElle attendPetit point noirCoccinelle, au revoir. This album is made up of pages each measuring 17 x 17 cm. The editor tells you that your illustration must be integrated onTo Read More


A Halloween story

Sum up: For this assignment, we offer you a three-part exercise:• You will first brainstorm on the word “Witch”. Next, you will tell a small original story, 5 to 10 lines maximum, using some of the themes that arose during your brainstorming. In the “paradise” of witches and other magicalTo Read More

Four seasons

Sum Up: Illustration is obviously a drawing, but it is also color. In this exercise, we suggest you practice creating four colorful pictures illustrating the four seasons. Each picture will be made in a square format of 15 x 15 cm. It must contain an illustration representing an element characteristicTo Read More

My favorite comic

Sum up: Our childhood was cradled by many comic book heroes. As part of this assignment, we suggest that you present us your favorite comic book character (or the first character that comes to mind). For this, you will: • Carry out a search (on the Internet or in variousTo Read More

Simplified animals

Sum up: In illustration, it is often necessary to simplify the shapes in order to make them more understandable and more aesthetic. This is what we are proposing to you as part of this assignment, which will lead you to represent some Asian animals using very simple lines or shapes.To Read More