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silk sonic

Their music is as smooth as Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak announce a new Album as Silk Sonic. What an exciting news! In an exclusive new joint project, longtime friends duo has made a whole surprise album together. The first single called “Leave the Door Open”, came out on March 5 and has oldie funk and soulTo Read More

Kickstarter, here i come…

Help me and support my project on Kickstarter. I would like to organize my first art exhibition making it original and interactive!!

Thank you Mr. Williams for this movie called Hidden Figures!

Thank you Mr. Williams! Thank you for this wonderful movie called “Hidden Figures” that made me tear up from the beginning until the very end. What an insightful story, the story of 3 talented and courageous women who earned their rights working hard. This movie gives a valuable life lessonTo Read More

Taschen released a beautiful book called Art Record Covers

Taschen – Art Record Covers We all have a favorite cover art! And who does not remember the legendary cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Moreover, the covers are sometimes even more famous than the tracks of the album itself. Some covers areTo Read More

When Snoop Dogg talks about Tupac…

When Snoop Dogg talks about Tupac… “I really can’t believe that it’s been 21 years since we actually got to hear from Tupac. No, not the one clip on YouTube, not the movie or the hologram, Tupac Amaru Shakur, the human being. Twenty-one years ago in Las Vegas, Tupac ShakurTo Read More

Banksy opens his own hotel

banksy opens his own hotel The new provocation from the street artist Banksy is called “Walled Off Hotel”, the hotel “off the wall” that the mysterious artist wanted to open in Bethlehem, just four meters from the barrier erected by the Israelis as a dividing line from the Palestinian territories.To Read More

Download amazing works of art

Download amazing works of art 375,000 downloadable works of art. Wonderful news! The New York Museum authorized this month to download high-definition photos of works of art that belong to the public domain. A total of 375,000 works out of more than a million present at the Metropolitan Museum ofTo Read More

Gorillaz are back!!

Gorillaz is back Humanz, it is the new Gorillaz’s album that should be released on April 28th. Yesterday the band shared the cover art and the track list of 14 songs on the normal edition, and 5 more in the deluxe edition. Here is the first video posted on YoutubeTo Read More

Daft Punk open a pop-up store in LA

Did you hear the last one about a pop up store in LA? After Drake, Kanye West and Franck Ocean, the last ones to open a pop-up store is the French duo Daft Punk! The ephemeral store will be installed in Los Angeles Maxfield from the 11th to February 19th,To Read More

The romantic gesture of Jeff Koons to Paris

The romantic gesture of Jeff Koon to the city of Paris On November 22, 2016, Jeff Koons announced that he wanted to offer the city of Paris a giant bouquet of tulips to commemorate the numerous victims of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in Paris in recent years. InTo Read More

Challenge for the crown

Challenge for the crown Two knights compete in a jousting duel, to the last drop of blood! Well, almost … Lol! 🙂 Last night, James Corden of the Late Night Show and Adam Lambert challenged each other to claim the crown of who is the best frontman for the bandTo Read More

Residencies: in or out of Las Vegas?

Residencies: In or Out of Las Vegas? The artists present in Las Vegas with a long-term contract multiply. In 2016 and 2015, we could see Celine Dion, the pioneer of the genre, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears or Mariah Carey, for a nostalgic flashback of the 90s. The representations are similarTo Read More

George Lucas and his brand new museum of Narrative Arts

A new kinda museum Tonight, in front of my laptop, dressed in a “Jedi” bathrobe , the nerd that I am deep down could not help but tell you about this incredible news announced this morning. Californian, a legend of cinema, one of the greatest directors and innovator, and aboveTo Read More

Art Basel Miami is back baby!!

Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most important and trendiest exhibitions of the year. The greatest contemporary artists will surely be there, we will spot a lot of VIP and let’s say that Miami will be “the place to be” in early December. And today, it is indeedTo Read More

24K Magic…in the air!! The brand new Bruno Mars

Treasure, Uptown Funk, Granada … it reminds you of someone? Bruno Mars, a unique voice, an incredible stage presence and above all an ability to transform any kind of music into gold. With him, we are going mad, we go from R’n’B to funk, pop to sounds more similar toTo Read More

Rock Poster Art: Hear with your eyes

  The exhibition “Rock Poster Art: Hear with your eyes” is currently from 11 November to 11 December 2016 in Bologna. The exhibition unveils serigraphies in limited edition from the personal collection of Stefano Marzorati. The exhibition is composed of 39 pieces, including posters by Obey, Stainboy and Ken Taylor,To Read More

The Bataclan will relive with Sting

Rebirth of the Bataclan… Already one year! A year that Paris has experienced one of its worst nights being cowardly attacked by jihadist terrorists, during which 130 people were killed. A year that France lives in fear of another attack. Over a year, unfortunately, that French are getting used toTo Read More

Who wants some coffee? Come to Marseilles…

Coffee at the Mucem? As a French girl living in Italy, I quickly realized that coffee was a real institution here! I would almost say an art … So when I saw that my hometown Marseilles was organizing an exhibition on coffee at the Mucem, that was THE perfect opportunity.To Read More