Colter Wall, a cowboy in Milan

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Colter Wall, a cowboy in Milan

For an artist like Colter Wall, the Legend Club in Milan gets busy with loads of fans of all ages that have come to listen to one of the most interesting new voices of the country / folk scene of recent years.

For a country concert in the heart of Milan, I am surprised again to see so many people gather in front of the stage.

And after an opening act of a big half hour by Ian Noe, Colter Wall arrives on stage, escorted by a giant Samoan guy!

Flamboyant red beard like the Ginger ale that his manager had gently put on a chair on stage, Stetson hat, tight jeans, big leather belt and used boots, I am dazzled by the stereotyped cowboy who just came on stage.

And that’s when he sings his first song from his new self-titled album Colter Wall, the Canadian surprises with his maturity and deep voice. He is only 22 years old, but he could have sung with Johnny Cash, and that’s the magic of music, transporting us to a whole new era, or dimension. Armed with his acoustic guitar, and with an extraordinary simplicity Colter Wall enchants the crowd with the ballads he wrote in Nashville or in his home town of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.


A deep voice…

His deep voice takes us back to the 60s and could be on the soundtracks of the greatest Westerns of the time, we imagine an American farmer under his porch sipping an Ice Tea and play his songs with a disarming calm. With a vocal technique well mastered, however, Wall has a “scratch” in his voice that makes all kinds of emotions come through and makes it very interesting.

The crowd is in awe. Really … Althrough the concert, the crowd is more and more unleashed. Not without a sense of humor, Colter Wall interacts with the audience and recounts his musician experience between each song. He is comfortable, the stage belongs to him.

The songs are introspective and a little bit psychedelic, the album was produced by David Cobb, the guy who produces Chris Stapleton, not bad at all …

We want to relax, sit in a used Chesterfield chair and smoke a good cigar while listening to his songs … But even though Colter Wall looks like an old cowboy, he represents the future of a country folk music more sober and effective versus the many country singers who gave in to pop sirens these last years. And when Mr. Wall will win a CMA, we will be able to say, we were there …

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