Crash between Beyonce and Scrat, or the new adventures of MTME

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Crash between Beyonce and Scrat, or the new adventures of MTME

After the disappointment of having missed Beyonce show in 2016 in San Siro, this year everything has strangely started to perfection!

Ticket taken on time, so let’s attend on July 6th the concert of one the most powerful and influential couples of modern times, the Carters.

And the night of the concert, the 06/07, my life has turned into a cartoon. Suddenly, I found myself in the skin of Scrat for an evening, you know the friendly and unlucky little squirrel in Ice Age, who only aspires to eat his nut?

Yeah, I have been Scrat the time of an evening and like Scrat with his nut,  I’ve never seen my concert.

In the excitement of attending one of the most impressive concerts of the year, a true American-style show, I took the road from my work to Milan. I was obviously expecting a few traffic jams along the road but not a hailstorm, which stopped traffic on the highway for almost 20 minutes.

Taking my courage with both hands, I defied these extreme weather conditions and I drove quietly at 30 km / h on the highway trying to get in time for the concert. And let me tell you …i was already off a bad start.

Arriving finally in town, I found out that my booking in a parking near San Siro has not been taken into account and they invited me very gently (in case you did not get my tone … it’s ironic) to find myself another parking lot because this one was already complete. Blame my delay due to hail on the road? I have my doubts … The sky was getting nice again, I looked for another parking space and I found one about 2 km from the venue, the wheel almost started to turn …

I have just said that the sky was nice again huh ?? Yeah, the time I was driving, it was VERY clement, the problem occurred when I did not find a taxi and I made this crazy decision to walk these 2 km to get to the stadium.  At this point of my evening, attending the concert was a kind of a St Grail! Well, like Scrat, who is constantly having trouble in Ice Age, by the way, welcome to my cartoon evening, as soon as I got to the road on my way out of the parking lot, a flood is pouring over the city of Milan. I feel like either I’m part of a conspiracy that has decided I had to miss the performance of the most famous Texan singer in recent years, or I carried a black cloud over my head that followed me around from 6pm on .

In short, soaked from head to toe, literally, with my sneakers doing this little typical squeak at every step, I finally arrive at the San Siro venue. The rain did not stop either way and I hoped we would get a little moment of rest during the concert! But that was not counting the passage of security …

Careful, let’s do a little flashback before going on, a few days before the concert, I bothered to call ticket one to make sure that I could bring to the concert my great new camera specifying brand and model that I wanted to use at this unique show even though I had a very bad seat … The answer was positive, if it was not used for professional purposes.

So I took it back with me very sure of myself! Well as they say, I was taken by surprise when security blocked me at the entrance because the camera was not allowed in the precinct of the stadium. No way to convince these gentlemen and ladies, no deposits or lockers to leave my camera, and the concert was starting in 5 minutes. It was still raining ! A few tears of frustration, and I hopped in a cab to get back to the parking lot and leave my camera in the car to come back later, even if I was going to miss a few of the first songs …

Well, with this new adventure, the taxi driver was super nice and gave me a little comfort in my dismay of this dantesque evening. But the evening was not over yet !!! Accident on the road to reach the car, 30 minutes in taxi instead of the 5 minutes scheduled, a salty note and I finally arrived at destination, exhausted, I thought it was perhaps fate, it was already 21:30 and I had already missed a good half of the concert! Finally, going back to see my husband and my dog ​​did not seem that bad after all these adventures.

The evening of Scrat ended on this note and I joined to my greatest happiness my family. Beyonce, let’s do it again … See you next time, things come in threes, as the saying goes!

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