A Halloween story

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Sum up:

For this assignment, we offer you a three-part exercise:
• You will first brainstorm on the word “Witch”.

Next, you will tell a small original story, 5 to 10 lines maximum, using some of the themes that arose during your brainstorming.

In the “paradise” of witches and other magical beings, everyone is waiting for a signal from their human counterparts through incantations, pins and voodoo dolls or reading in crystal balls. At the slightest signal, the witches activate themselves to assist them in their requests.

Blossom is a little Mexican girl but also a Calaveras witch, who looks forward to Halloween night to mingle with the children on Earth, as she does every year.

October 31st finally arrives and Blossom goes to Earth to collect candy and feel like a normal little girl.

Her Calaveras face doesn’t shock anyone on Halloween night and that’s what she loves, but her witchy nature will come back again when she eventually finds herself on a crazy adventure with a little boy who lost his black cat called Bandito.

Finally, once your story is written on paper, you will carry out a visual research board related to it.

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