Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan

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Harry Styles, a dandy in Milan

Harry Styles concert – Assago April 2nd 2018

A little funny story before even entering the venue, the Assago forum! I am litterally called “old lady” by a street peddler on the parking lot. It is true that the target of a Harry Styles concert does not really include people of my age but still … Where is the gallantry those days? 😊

Going on and armed with my notebook, pen and camera, I make my way amongst the thousands of fans of the British singer.

Indeed, I am the oldest around in my area of the venue, and there are practically only teenagers between 14 and 18 years old, ready to scream their lungs out!

Before the concert has even begun, my eardrums are already beginning to suffer and I tell myself that I will have to endure that for another two hours! The opening act is provided by Mabel, daughter of Neneh Cherry who comes on stage at 8pm sharp. Her warm voice is reminiscent of her illustrious mother, but her lack of energy and her Geordie Shore look do not really convince me, and that’s a shame. Because her music is pretty good, pure R’n’B classic that resonates in me.

But the enthusiasm of the former One Directioners is not lost along the way. Still a little patience and the British will come on stage. On the other hand, the interlude music is surprisingly mature for such a young audience…

I must confess that I too am very curious to see Harry Styles, his last CD had a very interesting sound and I wonder how he will handle the shift between a boy band member and a solo career with a much more mature British Rock sound.

The forum is packed, vibrant with pleasure. The pit is to my surprise composed of a mini section upright and the rest of the parterre sits, very wisely.

The British enters finally on stage, and it is the delirium! The first song “Only Angel” comes straight from his last album.

First impression: the musicians are great and the sound in Assago is one of the best I have ever heard, all suggests that we have indeed great conditions to be a testimony of a great performance. The singer is really comfortable, very pro, confident, and it looks like he has done this all of his young life, which is basically true :)!

We can not criticize his voice as it is identical to his voice on the CD, and nowadays we can not say the same thing for every pop artist! His sobriety at the beginning of the concert is really disconcerting but going on through the performance, his personality will begin to emerge more and more.

On the other hand, talking about sobriety, it excludes of course his suit! As usual, he has a very glam style and he is not afraid to show it! The gap between the songs of his eponymous album and the songs of One Direction is huge, and I find it a pity that he does notstay away more from that period, even if his fanbase are former One Directioners and that he actually owes its notoriety to the group that was founded at X Factor UK.

Of course, the fact he is still grateful that One Direction allowed him to be out on stage in the first place is very magnagnimous of him and he plays a lot with his British charm to seduce the teens, but it’s almost a bit too much. But once again, I’m not part of his typical target, so maybe that’s why I find these comments a bit too superficial…

The fans, for the most part millenials are used to live in a “social” society and they live the concert through social networks by sharing videos, calling their friends on WhatsApp, or make live Instagram to gain more “likes”. They all stare at a 20 x 5 cm screen instead of living fully the concert.

In short it is a very pro concert, clean, beautiful voice, beautiful stage presence but he still lacks maturity for my taste, which is justified given his age. His musical tastes though, he did a cover of Fleetwood Mac yet reflects an astonishing musical maturity and it thus introduces classics to younger people …Let’s only hope that he eventually sees himself as a solo artist and not as a member of a successful ex-boy band.

Overall: the concert is worth it! 🙂


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