Highly Suspect lost in an empty Alcatraz

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Highly Suspect lost in an empty Alcatraz

One month to write an article about a concert, it had never occurred to me!

And to tell you the truth, this concert was a bit confusing. I’m in front of a band nominated three times at the Grammy Awards, performing Coachella this year, one of the most popular festivals of the season and yet I did not feel anything during the whole concert at the Alcatraz in Milan.

Their entry on stage was too numb and uninteresting, there is a lead man who personally did not impressed me at all, either vocally than regarding his stage presence, even worse I preferred when the bassist began to sing! On the other hand, the musicians of the band are all very good … The group also counts the addition of Mc ID, a MC which fills the interludes with special sounds. Useful on some songs but not on the whole length of the concert …

The main voice of the group was unfortunately not up to the task that night…

So I questioned myself!

I do not criticize according to a personal musical taste but I criticize a general performance, and on February 21, I did not find them at the height of my expectations. The parts of the concert that were most exciting were the parts that sounded like improvisation, like the drummers’ duel or a guitar solo of one of their friends.

The main voice of the group was unfortunately not up to the task that night. A day later, I saw on Twitter that a concert in Germany was canceled due to illness. Was it the reason for his weak performance? I prefer to leave the doubt hanging … The singer has a hard time taking up the stage and thinks he’s a Billie Joe Armstrong or a Patrick Stump and of course the years will tell if he’s become one of them . For now, he does not have the vocal qualities for that.

Moreover, the Alcatraz is, that day, half empty, for sure Highly Suspect is far from being popular in Italy, but there are anyway very few people, its capacity is far from being at its max, and I think I was expecting too much from this concert!

A trio or a quartet?

In addition, with a few exceptions made, the ballads are much more effective because we can hear some blues influences that give their music a more complex dimension and less “talent show” feeling, where their Dirty Rock lacks maturity. The band from the US East Coast works much better as a quartet as well than as a trio, when their joker arrives on stage and fills the role of the guitarist, the singer can finally focus on his stage presence and the lyrics of the songs!

In short, I hope that either I did not understand their music or it was just a bad night … I’ll have to check them out again to be sure!

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