JP Cooper

JP Cooper should have been raised under sunny skies…

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JP Cooper should have been raised under sunny skies…

JP Cooper


Dude Club, Milan or better, Milan suburbs. From the outside nothing exceptional, but the inside of the club is indeed much more interesting, especially for a concert venue.

It’s modern and intimate, and the sound is super well handled for this kind of club. I’m getting in and the first part has already started, this is an Irish band called “Picture this” which i really recommend, their gig is extremely well done and it’s a millennial band, the proof is they found themselves on Facebook!

The voice of the singer and all the musicians are awesome (the drummer is crazy good), and they have a good mix of catchy songs … If they have not been out with a huge hit until now, it will not be for that long!

And after this very nice interlude, he arrives on stage under a thunder of applause and a few screams of teenagers located around the stage, JP Cooper, the British revelation of the moment, the living proof that one must never give up one’s dreams!

“Raised under grey skies”, the eponymous song of his album opens the ball. From the first note, something magical happens and I realize that I’m witnessing a great moment of live music and especially a great gentleman with an extraordinary voice. It’s just wonderful and I can not find any other adjective to describe this moment … His “live voice” is even more accurate and full of emotions than what can be found on his CD, and the warmth of his tone makes me immediately travel or more exactly dream of travelling.

During the first song, I tell myself that JP could be the hidden child of Jason Mraz and James Morrisson, if only it were possible !! 😊

The guy has a strong identity, a style, a voice, a face and on top of that he is super current and relevant. The only problem during the first part of the concert was the volume of the drums that tended to cover his voice and it was a shame … A shame to cover his voice when the best moments of the concert were the ones a cappella…

His simplicity and shyness do not prevent him from having an incredible presence on stage. And I’ve never seen such a polite artist with his technicians every time he changed his guitar! Every single time “Chris” was bringing a guitar on stage, we could see he was saying something back to him!

In addition to a captivating voice and a range impressive enough, he managed to move me to tears with his song “Closer”, which I identify with given the distance that separates me from my family. Emotions guaranteed!

If JP Cooper explains that he has waited a long time to get where he is now, his tenacity and passion are all the more remarkable and the audience knows how to thank him.

The intimate setting makes this night a very pleasant musical experience. Even though he was raised under a gray sky, his smile and his voice automatically takes us to a hot sand beach. To fans all over the world, this guy needs the credit he deserves, to discover absolutely on streaming platforms or even better by buying his album. The soul singer, JP Cooper, will conquer you!

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