Justin Nozuka shows his skills in Milan

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Justin Nozuka shows his skills in Milan


Last Saturday, after 9 pm, at the Arci Ohibo in Milan took place the concert of Justin Nozuka and Damien McFly.

Justin Nozuka is an artist I have always appreciated and who seems to lead his way and make his art in discretion and elegance, which is not always the case in today’s young artists.

The opening performance is provided by Damien McFly… a fan of an 80s movie maybe? 😊 And the Italian singer is perfect from the beginning to the end. Beautiful voice, beautiful energy and lyrics sung in a perfect English! For me it’s a 10/10!

Listening to his set, I even thought it was a shame that this guy did not get more media coverage because it is not the talent that is missing! And apparently I’m not the only one thinking that way, two German girls in front of me were in awe of each of his songs …

In short, if you enjoyed that opening part as much as i did, we will try to give him a boost for his new single … Stay tuned!

And half an hour later, Justin Nozuka comes on stage accompanied by his guitar and another stage companion, guitarist too. The Canadian artist immediately enters the heart of the matter and seems to be inhabited by his music. The first notes are just impeccable. We were talking right before about Michael Jackson, and his tone makes me think of this kind of voice in some aspects or maybe Bruno Mars’ voice…

The local is not really full, which surprises me a little bit, thinking that 10 years ago, Justin Nozuka looped on all French mainstream radios … However I see him much more inspired by the quality of his music, just like a craftsman could do with a beautiful piece of wood, for example, he does not seem to be worried about “making it”. He is nonetheless invested with 100% in his songs and with his eyes closed, he makes us travel to the rhythm of his soft but powerful music.

Very attentionate to the wishes of his audience, he interacts many times with great ease. He even asks what songs we want to listen to, which reveals a beautiful mastery of his songs.

But the most beautiful moment of the concert is the end of the concert not because it comes to an end but because Justin Nozuka decides to go down in the middle of his audience and sing a cappella songs chosen by his fans, and this is a moment of pure osmosis between the artist and the spectators, in an almost religious way. We feel free, we have a feeling of well-being, which is also what best represents the music of Justin Nozuka.

I strongly advise to go to one of his concert who has not seen it yet!


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