Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert

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Kings of Milan: Queen + Adam Lambert


When I got in Assago around 7.30 pm after work, the venue seemed surprisingly empty. The parterre at this time of the day should have been largely filled up at least to 6 or 7 ranks but it was not.

A little reminder, in March, the organization, Barclay Arts and the band had communicated a change of configuration at the last minute, which had, let’s say, upset a lot of people on the social networks. I had been on the front line to buy these coveted sit-down floor tickets which allowed me to have a great view and access to the show while avoiding queuing for hours.

And suddenly, bam, this configuration may have not been enough rock n roll and they have changed their minds and delivered a classic floor while refusing a total refund but still offering a replacement said “equivalent” ! So I found myself in the stand facing the scene but super far. you can assume that I was not satisfied at all with the deal we had to accept a few months ago!

The entrance of Queen and Adam Lambert, the 36-year-old American frontman, is pretty spectacular. A 3D screen game introduces the band, and the energy of the room goes up a notch immediately. Adam does the job as usual and I still hear people around me compliment his voice! Although as he says himself very often or too often, he will never be Freddie Mercury, he fits anyway, because the mix of his powerful voice, his surprising and explosive range  and his theatrical side, gives him a legitimacy to be the frontman of Queen, legends of rock art.

The room is so empty though, it feels like a private concert and it’s pretty cool at first.

The show is obviously very focused on Taylor and May, the 2 original members of Queen, and during the concert it seems that Lambert is just a voice that passes, an angel who passes without really having the spotlight on him. Everything is cleverly studied to build up the show but I must admit that after 4 concerts in the last 3 years, the setlist has changed very little.

The mechanisms are always the same until May’s jokes which are not renewed, the changes in Lambert’s costume seem rather futile personally, if not to leave a little space to the gentlemen of Queen. It is true that when they are presented by their young American frontman, May and Taylor receive a thunder of applause very well deserved. But despite the humor of Lambert, the great scenery and a catchy music , I am not completely happy. After all these years singing with Queen, I find Lambert too “sugar coated” to constantly apologize for singing instead of Mercury and Taylor who has a very beautiful voice on “Under pressure” should intervene vocally much more often!

On the other hand, a gesture that is said to be noticed, a tribute to Lambert is the fact that they introduced one of the songs of his last solo album “The original high” “Lucy” in which Brian May had participated . A deserved tribute to a young man ready to do anything to revive the Queen’s legend to thousands of fans around the world. But the ghost of Mercury is present in concert halls and in the hearts of fans, a great artist who died too soon.

The concert ends as they usually do on the notes of “We will rock you” and “we are the champions” and a disappointment … Adam Lambert was never formally presented by the other members of the group to the Milan audienc … A positive or negative sign? You are up to judge. Leave your comments …

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