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Lean on Me – Bill Withers

How do you end a year like 2020? Hard to say…

So why not try to find some of the Christmas magic in the few days left of this horrible year? So let’s talk about my Solidarity Project!

With the lockdown, the inability to travel, the ban on spending Christmas with people from another city than yours, everything leads us to think that these holidays will be just a continuation and a perfect conclusion to 2020. How can we put it politely? Not super exciting holidays … To say the least!

And thinking back to the moments of terror and loneliness in March when my other half ended up in intensive care for a still little-known virus that was supposed to affect only people over 80 years old, I wanted to do something for people who were less fortunate than me, for those who will spend Christmas without their other half or without a family, for those who have lost their job.

Bringing even a fleeting smile to a stranger is the purest gift.

That is why I decided to embark on a solidarity project this end of the year.

Linocut stamp
linocut print
Merry Christmas!!

Making a first creative project with a linocut print was my primary goal. This technique had always fascinated me but I had never taken the plunge. It’s done now. After a production of 50 greeting cards with a maritime-inspired linocut design on the front side and a small printed message of support and hope on the back, the distribution of these cards can begin on December 23 and 24.


If one out of fifty people, at the sight of the present left in the mailbox, smiles, I would have won!

Christmas is certainly a great family moment, but it is also a moment of sharing and we may forget it too often …

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