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Sum up:

Our childhood was cradled by many comic book heroes. As part of this assignment, we suggest that you present us your favorite comic book character (or the first character that comes to mind). For this, you will:

• Carry out a search (on the Internet or in various works) to present us in a few lines this character: his creator, his history, his possible evolution… You will also indicate to us why you like him, what you find interesting about him, etc.


Thorgal is a Belgian comic book series of heroic fantasy, with a background of Scandinavian mythology, created by Jean Van Hamme for the screenplay and Grzegorz Rosiński for the drawing, started in March 1977 in Le Journal de Tintin, then published as an album by Les Éditions du Lombard. Caught in a storm on the open sea, a Viking expedition discovers a baby in a mysterious craft (which turns out to be a space capsule).

The Viking leader, Leif Haraldson, adopts the child and names him Thorgal Aegirsson. They believe it is the son of Ægir, the god of the seas, sent by Thor, the god of lightning.On Leif’s death, the new Viking leader Gandalf-le-Fou forces Thorgal to live apart from others. Only the friendship of Aaricia, Gandalf’s daughter, warms his lonely childhood and their mutual friendship eventually turns into a deep love. Adult, Thorgal has become a formidable warrior with exceptional skill in archery but did not inherit the love of combat and violence from the Viking people.

Longing for a quiet life, Thorgal and Aaricia decide to leave the Viking people to live apart from the cruelty of men, but the many dangers of the world seem to catch up with them each time. Thereafter, Thorgal learns that he is the last descendant of the “people of the stars”, an evolved civilization which populated the Earth centuries before. It would be the Atlanteans.

It reminds me of my childhood, where I read all Thorgal albums either while waiting for my parents at the supermarket or at the library in my village. The character, half man half god fascinated me and especially the drawings were wonderful. One of the first drawings copied outside Disney characters was Thorgal.

• Make some sketches from memory of this character (without model).

• And finally, make a beautiful drawing representing him (with model). You can work in line or in color, with the tool (s) of your choice.

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