Tapirulan 2018 – Theme Chaos

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Contest with the association Tapirulan 2018 – Theme: CHAOS

For some people it represents the origin of everything, for others it is the general state of our office, for other people it is a mathematical and physical theory which can only be understood by people with a high IQ or it can also be the symbol of the society in which we live. We are obviously talking about CHAOS. But we are also talking about the theme of the XIV edition of Tapirulan’s illustrator contest.

Here is the gallery with all the participants in the 14th edition of the illustration contest! Prepare to immerse yourself in a long and chaotic tunnel of images because the number of participants this year is particularly high: more than 975 authors participated, authors from around the globe.

Click below to see all the illustrations:


My portrayal of Chaos was meant to be a critique of our extreme consumer society. Black Friday, which is around the corner, is for me a symbol of this materialism and chaos. People are ready to do anything to buy something on sale. A madness …



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