The art of disappearing

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No, I am neither a magician nor an illusionist. But I have disappeared. Creativity is the most valuable thing for me in this world.

Art and Writing allow me to move forward and set a goal. I often say to my father, who remains for the most part dubious, that I will not stop sowing this imaginary garden where, one day I hope, wonderful flowers will grow. WHEN: I do not care. The HOW is more important to me.

I am well known to be persistent and follow my dreams recklessly to the point of becoming Utopian in the eyes of many people.

Nevertheless, if I can evoke a lack of time, a disappointment, a lack of motivation or inspiration, without art I do not feel like myself and no matter the excuses mentioned, I have an essential need to create. And yet I have been missing for months. Months without creations, without inspiration and filled with real frustrations.

I will take advantage of this brief article to revive and resume what is close to my heart: art. Because “The art of living consists of a subtle mix between letting go and holding on. »To disappear and reappear stronger than before.

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