The cursed dragon

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It all started at Inktober 2019. By drawing the first sketches about a little astronaut, I decided to take on the challenge by connecting each drawing together with a story.

Nebo the astronaut was born. My first children’s story too. It was a great challenge, so much fun that I have some extra ideas to do soon in the drawer.

While doing Inktober 2019 with my 9 year old nephew, I realized that each word could be interpreted in different ways. The drawings too. Exchanging with my nephew, and looking at the same drawings, our two stories went in two completely opposite directions …

And so the idea of ​​a new concept came to me. Why not put the illustration back in the center of the children’s book and let the children create their own story?

We could have a blog for children to share their stories. An illustration will then have hundreds of interpretations, depending on the age, experience or temper of the child.

For further details, here below is the concept of CREATIVE IMPRO:

And here is the storyboard:

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