Une oeuvre à la maison, or how to desacralize art.

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A brilliant idea, and I’m jealous that I didn’t think about it, but the painter Olivier Masmonteil beat me! 😊

Olivier Masmonteil, for a year, “has been looking for ideas to bring the work of artists to life and share around art” – through videos and “artist boxes” – and finally launched a new initiative on April 1 : “A work at home”.

“Our job is to make works, but if no one sees them, they don’t exist. I rethought the art library model, these structures that lend out works, adapting it to the current constraints of the 10-kilometer perimeter. The idea is therefore to transform France into a giant artothèque! », He sums up.

“It worked right away, we were even a little overwhelmed by word of mouth”, rejoices the painter.

It all started by contacting his relatives and acquaintances – the artists Thomas Lévy-Lasne, Lionel Sabatté and Hélène Marcoz -, then he succeeded in convincing Appia, an insurer and a communication agency (Dezarts) to join the operation, also in creating an Instagram account @ uneeuvrealamaison.

The principle is very simple: over the loan proposals (free), announcements are posted on the account, and located. Individuals have fifteen days to address their motivations, explaining why they would like to have this work at home. The artist, the gallery, the collector or the representative of the lending institution then takes care of depositing it at the home of the individual, and of recovering it at the end of the operation, offering in passing an opportunity to discuss art.

The insurer’s conditions: that the works are not fragile, and worth less than 10,000 euros.

“There is no selection of works, it is above all a pleasure shared in solidarity”, explains Olivier Masmonteil. There are already around 100 online, and around 30 are being processed. “This reflects a real shared lack: a need to see art and to show one’s work,” says the artist.

Olivier Masmonteil is a French painter and artist born in 1973. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux, and generally represents more landscapes. He is also a globetrotter artist having had tours in Asia and South America.

In 2008-2009, he embarked on a world tour with the desire to paint it in a thousand canvases. Entitled Whatever the Minute of the Day, this landscape anthology occupied him for three years and pushed him to the ends of the earth. He went to Nepal or Chile “where the mountains are so high you don’t usually look so high in the sky. I remember one foggy morning, when my guide said to me: “Come see Anapurna”. At first, I didn’t see much. You had to raise your head as far as possible, to see its summit emerging from the clouds. “

The painter found a little air of Corrèze in New Zealand. He also had the chance to “see and listen” to the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentinian Patagonia…

If museums, theaters and cinemas have reopened and a semblance of life has returned to normal, the Covid 19 had the merit for many people to “think outside the box”, and this was indeed the case for Olivier Masmonteil who reinvented access to culture for all.

“We now have more than 200 artists involved in the project and the number of artists is growing day by day and many Galleries are also attached to the project.”

“During this entire year of confinement, I have tried to develop ways of promoting and disseminating art,” says Olivier Masmonteil. I started in the first lockdown with a little show on my Instagram account called Crossing. We continued with Atelier en Club at Christmas time. Then, in the third confinement, I told myself that we had to remedy the lack of culture, by bringing the works into people’s homes.”

An obvious desire to desecrate art. And personally I love it. Art should not be elitist, it should be accessible to everyone.

“Anyone could participate. We are very happy with the letters we have received from people. In most of them, they told us: “I have never dared to go into a gallery, I have always been impressed by art and did not think I had a work at home”, emphasizes Olivier Masmonteil.

This will create moving encounters and new passions for people who generally do not frequent this kind of social circle.

A meeting was even more memorable for the painter Olivier Masmonteil. “The last work was loaned to Châtillon. It was a mother who applied for her little boy, so that he could have this work in his room, says Olivier Masmonteil. Since then, he keeps showing it to everyone who passes by. He’s messaging me via Instagram with pictures showing the board to his mom’s friends. It’s really moving. I tell myself that this child becomes a cultural mediator. ”

“A Work at Home” had another unexpected effect. “Some people who had works on deposit decided to buy them, because they realized that the prices were affordable,” says Olivier Masmonteil. We always have the idea that art is worth millions, when there are plenty of artists, more or less known, who sell their works for 500 or 1,000 euros.”

To try your luck and welcome art directly to your home, it’s here! @uneoeuvrealamaison

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